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Social Media Process Update

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Dear Partners,


As we enter the new year, the Social Media and Design Department will be streamlining our processes and procedures in order to save time and increase efficiency for our team, TNP, and you, our partners. The updates to our processes are described below:


Planned posts/Calendars

Going forward, we will no longer be using Google sheets to plan out your social media calendars. Instead, we will use the linked Content Calendar.


For each partner, we will plan 1-3 posts per week, across all active channels. The number of posts we create will depend on how often a partner requests (or plans to request) unplanned posts. The Content Calendar shows Facebook post language. Instagram and Twitter will be altered to fit the platform needs, e.g. shortening the text to meet the character limit, for Twitter, replacing links with “link in bio” for Instagram.


Design Assets:

Each partner will receive no more than 12 design assets per month –this does not include the resizing of designs for platforms– unless time allows for an exception. 


Approval Process:

Partners will be given a window of time to review posts for the upcoming month. There are checkboxes below each proposed post to show you which channels the post will be shared on. If approved, you will check the box. If not approved, you will leave that one unchecked and let your account manager know of any edits or changes via email.


Designs for social media will be approved at the same time as the copy is approved. They will be saved in a separate folder marked “Designs for Review.” The file name will match the Day/Week of the post.


Unplanned requests:

Partners may request a post that is not planned in the calendar, however, quality cannot be guaranteed for posts requested within 24-hours of the requested post time. If we are able to accommodate the request, we will send a single post form back for approval. Same-day requests will not be granted unless there is an extreme circumstance, such as a breaking news event. If there is a breaking news event, we will often preempt the request and send a single post form for review. 



Partners will receive proposed calendars and graphics for the upcoming month for review on the 15th of the current month or the business day before. They will respond with approvals or edits by the 20th of the month or the business day before. This will allow the Social Media and Design Department to reconcile any edits and schedule the posts prior to the 1st of the month.

Analytics Reports:

The Social Media and Design Department will create monthly Social Media Analytics Reports that will be sent to partners by the last business day of the month for the previous month. For example, the Social Media Analytics Report sent at the end of February will compare January metrics to December metrics. At the end of January, an annual report will replace the monthly report. 


Requests for specific social media metrics can be pulled and shared as spreadsheets with partners. If this type of report is needed, partners must request these by the 15th of the month in order to receive them at the same time as the monthly Social Media Analytics Report. Anything of this nature that is requested after the 15th of the current month, will be sent by the last business day of the following month. E.g., If a request is made on the 17th of January, a requested report could be sent on the 28th of February.


Exceptions will be made in extreme circumstances.

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