We offer comprehensive communications consulting at equitable and just rates. 

There's no mission too small for storytelling.

We strive to ensure that lack of resources never impedes success for any mission-driven organization.

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Creating mutually beneficial relationships

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We don’t have clients at The Narrative Project. We have partners.

Traditional consulting relationships are far too transactional. They don’t require the agency to understand the client’s audiences or stakeholders at a basic level; they don’t necessitate developing a true relationship between the client and consultant, and they lend themselves to the mistreatment of the consultant or a lack of work/life balance resulting in burnout. 


We seek to change that. 

We call the organizations we serve Partners, not clients because 1) we work exclusively with mission-aligned organizations, 2) we take a collaborative approach to communications management, and 3) we expect our partners to adhere to our core values of community care when working with our team.

When we sign on with a new partner, it’s after careful consideration into whether their goals and missions align with ours. Since we’re committed to forging a just world for every story and experience, we only sign on with organizations whose missions, if realized, will support the creation of that world. We believe that developing messages that resonate with diverse communities requires understanding them at their core. After all, the partnership isn’t about the transaction between the agency and the partner. It’s about furthering our partners’ missions in service of a greater good

Here’s what you can expect from our partnership: 

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From media pitching and strategy to ongoing releases, securing a retainer with The Narrative Project offers everything you need in one flat rate.

Retainer tasks include communications strategy, goal-planning, message development, press releases, media pitches, media kits, social media management, content production, marketing-communications, donor & internal relations support, email marketing, as well as the constant supervision of your public relations goals and accomplishments, etc.

The Narrative Project will act as your media liaison, ensuring your story is told accurately and creating a mutually beneficial relationship between your organization and the public at large.

hourly & per project

Hourly and per-project options are valuable to organizations seeking occasional support and/or modest pricing options.

Typical projects include:

  • Press Releases

  • Mini-Campaigns (6 months or less)

  • Major Campaigns (6 months or more)

  • Wire Submissions

  • Media Kits

  • One-Pagers

  • Talking Points

  • Social Media Page Setup

  • Speechwriting

  • Media List Creation

  • Op-ed Production and Submission

  • General Editing and Proofing

And more. . .

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Planning is everything. That’s why retainers are so important. We offer retainers at equitable and affordable rates because no organization or mission is too small to succeed. Our retainer rates are discounted and allow The Narrative Project staff to plan ahead to offer high-quality communications management to our entire portfolio of partners.


Retainers can be secured starting at $3,960 (USD) for 40 hours of communications management and content creation per month. Additional retainers are offered on an increasing scale of 10 hours per month and include ongoing support and 24/7 access to TNP for advisement and crisis communications. Customized retainers may be available


Social media support for ongoing content creation and management is available at a reduced retainer rate of $2,100 for 20 hours of management a month, depending on the number of platforms desired and posting density. Additional retainers are offered on an increasing scale of 5 hours per month.


Hourly and Per-Project rates start at $125 for press release production and distribution, while ongoing support for campaigns and other larger projects are customized in collaboration with your team to meet your unique needs.