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Dear Partners, 

The threat of the coronavirus and COVID-19 is a serious public health concern that is sure to have rippling effects for months to come. 

As a justice-oriented, anti-racist public relations firm, The Narrative Project is committed to ensuring that all our partners' needs are met during this time. 

For many of you, your organizing efforts are changing and gaining new focus to support your communities during this crisis. We admire that a great deal and we want to assist your efforts as much as we can. 

here's what we're doing

1) Waiving Retainer Overages

While you work to support the most vulnerable among us, we're committed to supporting you. As such, for organizations that are working on rapid/crisis response to community needs in the wake of COVID-19, we will waive any over-time charges incurred for the month of March and will assess this as the crisis persists. 


2) Increasing Availability 

Since we're all working from home, The Narrative Project team will be available around the clock to support your efforts. While our normal business hours are 9 am – 5 pm, these are less than normal times. As such, we are extending our hours to 8 am – 8 pm with 24-hour availability for crises. 


3) Waived Consultations

For organizations that aren't currently our partners and need advice on how to support their communities through public relations, social media, press relations or traditional communication, we will waive our 1-hour consultation fee to support these efforts. Please forward this email to organizations that may benefit from this. 


4) Sharing Information and Resources 

Starting this week, we're launching a daily update newsletter to provide information to a broad public of changemakers and community members across the state. In this letter, we'll include the latest updates on the state of emergency response efforts from the Governor's office as well as a hub for information and resources available to meet the needs of people around the state.  Click here to join this list and email to send information to feature in the newsletter.

Our commitment to justice obligates us to provide avenues to support those who seek to do good in the world. As a partner of our organization, we know the work you do is necessary and meaningful, and it is our hope that these measures help sustain your work during and after this moment of crisis. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We believe in the work you do and we're here to help. 

In Solidarity, 
Mercy & The Narrative Project Team

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