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CT Justice Alliance Responds to Republican Press Event, Calls for Data- Driven Solutions

Updated: Jan 3, 2022


August 11, 2021


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Connecticut Justice Alliance Responds to Republican Press Event on Youth-Involved Car Thefts, Calls for Data-Driven Solutions


Hartford, CT – During a press event held at the state capitol yesterday, Connecticut House Republicans announced a package of policy proposals centered on addressing car thefts and juvenile system reform. This announcement comes on the heels of a press conference hosted by the Connecticut Justice Alliance and allies last week which outlined and called for data-driven solutions to car thefts and youth crime. In response to the Republican proposals, Iliana Pujols, Policy Director with the Connecticut Justice Alliance has offered the following response: “If lawmakers are really serious about solving youth crime, and I hope they are, we invite them to join us in pushing for solutions that are actually backed up by what the data is telling us. Right now it seems their only goal is to sow division between communities who would otherwise find common ground on solutions to these issues. “Fundamentally, we both want the same thing. We both want opportunity-rich communities where families, and especially young people, are safe, supported, and given the chance to thrive, but the policy proposals they've laid out will not get us there. “It is vital that all state leaders, and not just Republicans, acknowledge what is actually driving the uptick in youth crime after a decade of decline—people are struggling. “We know what works. We know that when we make sure that people’s needs are met, crime goes down. We also know that focusing on rehabilitation and not punishment keeps people out of the justice system. It’s time to stop scapegoating the young people, especially the Black and Brown youth, who have been failed time and again by our systems. “We invite all policymakers to join us in listening to communities across Connecticut so they can fully understand what it is they really need and want. You can view last week’s press conference calling for data-driven solutions here.

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ABOUT THE CONNECTICUT JUSTICE ALLIANCE The Connecticut Justice Alliance (CTJA) is a youth/adult partnership working to end the criminalization of youth. The Alliance works to disrupt and dismantle the pathways that funnel children and youth into the juvenile justice system by using organizing, advocacy, and policy tools to protect the rights, futures, and well-being of potentially, currently, and formerly incarcerated youth, while also ensuring youth who are detained, incarcerated, and involved in the courts and legal systems receive safe, fair, and dignified treatment. CTJA was formerly known as the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance.

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