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Friends Center for Children, & Child Care for CT’s Future, Calls on Legislators For Funding

Updated: Apr 27, 2022


April 21, 2022

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Friends Center for Children, Alongside Child Care for Connecticut’s Future, Calls on Legislators to Fund Early Care and Education During Statewide Day of Action


New Haven, CT – Friends Center for Children (Friends Center), alongside the Child Care for Connecticut’s Future Coalition, early childhood educators, and parents called on state legislators to fund early childcare and education in the 2023 state budget Tuesday during a statewide day of action. The action follows the coalition’s “Morning Without Childcare” rally on March 15th. Following the rally, the budget allocation for early care and education increased from $0 to $124 million. As the end of session nears, the goal of the day of action was to urge legislators to pass a budget that includes funding for early childcare and education to ensure every family can access affordable high-quality care, while early care providers can provide care and education while receiving a living wage. “State-funded providers that operate in New Haven have not seen a subsidy increase since 2015. All programs, including family childcare facilities and center-based providers, are fighting to stay alive,” said Allyx Schiavone, Executive Director of Friends Center. “The childcare industry is in a crisis, and we know the state simply cannot run without affordable childcare. For the sake of our parents, children, and educators, we’re calling on our state to fund childcare as the essential infrastructure we know it is.” More than 400 advocates participated in the day of action which included reaching out to legislators via phone, email, or social media. Participating individuals shared photos of themselves with messages such as “I’m a Child Care Voter,” “Lift the Revenue Cap,” and “Invest in Kids.” “I hope our decision-makers can see how critical the situation is with early childcare in this state,” said Marilyn DeJesus, a parent and teacher with Friends Center. “Providers make poverty wages and parents cannot afford care. The current system is unsustainable and now is the time to take action." The day of action was organized by Child Care for Connecticut's Future, a diverse statewide coalition of organizations, providers, parents, and advocates focused on long-term, systemic transformation in the childcare sector.

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ABOUT FRIENDS CENTER FOR CHILDREN Friends Center for Children’s mission is to engage the community in creating sustainable Early Child care in Connecticut by ensuring the growth of the sector for both parents utilizing the service, and teachers wishing to make a career in the sector.

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