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Math course focuses on educators and parents of BIPOC learners;education through decolonization lens


February 18, 2022

CONTACT Jerrod Ferrari 203.963.9224


Mathematics course focuses on educators and parents of BIPOC learners; looks at education through a lens of decolonization


My Reflection Matters Village, a co-learning community for primarily BIPOC families (and radical educators), offers math course for educating free people


WATERBURY, Conn. – My Reflection Matters Village (MRM), a co-learning community for primarily BIPOC families (and radical educators), announces open registration for a six-class virtual mathematics course “Leaning into Our Kid’s Math Thinking.”

The course is intended for those interested in countering the idea that math is memorization, formulas, algorithms, rigidity, speed, and isolated concepts. Through this course, traditional procedures are replaced with the idea that math is deep exploration, flexibility, choice, relationships, patterns, playfulness, and joy.

Classes will be led by Zeba Savage, founder of the Savage Learning Environment, a garage/backyard space in Los Angeles that facilitates Blackness-centered learning clubs and partnerships with other families. Savage brings over 22 years of teaching experience at the middle, high school levels, and unschooling programs to the sessions that will discuss and practice unique approaches to teaching and learning math.

"Young people are intuitive mathematical thinkers, and they are our truest teachers," said Savage. "In this course, we will learn how to let them lead us with their natural ways of seeing math. We will admire and explore what they are teaching us to offer next in the shared learning process of growing each person's mathematical understanding."

MRM, founded in 2016 by Social Liberation Eduvist (Education Activist), Chemay Morales-James, is inviting the public to attend the course as an introduction to the offerings of My Reflection Matters Village. The Village is a co-learning community for primarily BIPOC families (and radical educators) seeking support in raising and educating free people. The Village’s mission is to create a virtual space that supports caregivers seeking or walking the path of self-directed education (SDE) with their children and provide them access to decolonized, liberatory educational supports and resources to help them along their journey as they co-learn and co-create with families, healers, facilitators and other partners in our virtual village. “We are excited to have Zeba lead this dynamic opportunity for both parents and educators to change the way young people experience math in everyday life,” said Chemay Morales-James, founder of My Reflection Matters. “This course is being used to shift the traditional means in which math is taught. It is time to move away from conventional methods and embrace a new, fresh approach rooted in liberation that centers children's interests and capacity to lead their own learning with the support of caring adults that nurture--rather than control--their development in mathematical concepts that show up in daily living.” The price for all six sessions is $150 for My Reflection Matter Village Network Members. My Reflection Matter Decolonizing Education Members receive a discounted rate of $130. Members of Co-learning for Liberation also receive a discounted rate of $75 for the course. Additional admission fees collected for the course will go into a Mutual Aid account for the SDE caregivers in Co-learning for Liberation Village Membership. Classes will meet for two hours biweekly via Zoom every Tuesday beginning March 1 at 7 p.m. EST/4 pm PST and run through April 30. To sign up for Leaning into Our Kid’s Math Thinking you will be asked to register for the Village for free before you are able to sign up for the course.

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About My Reflection MattersMy Reflection Matters, LLC (MRM) was founded in 2016 by Social Liberation Eduvist (Education Activist), Chemay Morales-James. MRM’s mission is to provide the tools necessary to support and nurture the development of healthy racial and ethnic identities of Black and Brown children and older youth. It is MRM’s hope that through the thoughtful use of the resources shared and services offered via MRM, this engagement will foster self-worth in youth, a love for humanity, and develop in them the ability to think critically about the injustices they and/or others experience empowering them to combat internalized and institutional racism and oppression in American society.

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