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Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education Denounces Waterbury Board of Education Funding Plan


January 31, 2022

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Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education Denounces Waterbury Board of Education Plan to Utilize American Rescue Plan Funding on Weapon Detection Systems


WATERBURY, CT - The Board of Education of the City of Waterbury announced last week that it is seeking proposals from companies to place Weapon Detection Systems at various school entry points. In response, Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education Executive Director Robert Goodrichhas offered the following statement. “This is a gross misuse of American Rescue Plan funding. Waterbury’s Board of Education is declaring war on our students. The hardening of Waterbury schools with military and prison-like apparatuses will stifle any efforts to accelerate learning and further entrench a school culture that criminalizes students. “Black and Brown students already face unjustified and undignified scrutiny from Waterbury’s School Resource Officers. Data continually shows that police officers in Waterbury repeatedly target and mistreat Black and Brown students. The enhanced surveillance intended through this proposal will only lead to the further harassment and criminalization of Waterbury’s youth. “We are here to say enough is enough. If the Waterbury B.O.E. truly wants to focus on the education and well-being of our young people, they should instead use this money to expand programs and supports for our most vulnerable and underserved students.” Learn more about R.A.C.C.E.’s Community plan here

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About Radical Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education (R.A.C.C.E.) Our mission is to challenge systems of oppression by advocating for culturally competent educational practices. Therefore, we believe the most effective way to triumph over systemic forms of oppression is to have an educational system that serves the historically underserved and underrepresented. This can only be accomplished if we advocate for an educational system that is positioned to provide culturally competent school professionals and curriculum, human services, and disciplinary policies, which combat: generational poverty, achievement gaps, implicit and explicit biases towards race, ethnicity and gender.

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